Learning Worker

The knowledge worker is dead.
Long live the learning worker!

In our increasingly complex world, we can no longer rely on existing systems and knowledge. We see new problems for the first time, and the only way to cope is by learning and adapting.

We need a new type of knowledge worker—one who always learns and shares information. We need people who believe 
that shared knowledge is power. We need learning workers.

Learning workers are powerful because they;

Customize their work. With new challenges emerging, set ways of working no longer cut it. Learning workers approach problems from different angles, unbound by conventions.

Choose their environment. Digital work removes physical restrictions. Knowing how they think best, learning workers use new possibilities and work wherever they function optimally.

Use the best tools. Most knowledge workers let companies dictate their tools. Learning workers realize they're a digital craftsperson and therefore use whatever tools necessary.

Learn just-in-time. The time for HR departments to teach us is over. New problems arise fast, so learning workers adapt by learning whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Share freely. When others are overwhelmed by information, learning workers distill the useful bits and share freely. Knowledge is as useful as the action it triggers.

Teach freely. Progressing learning workers go further than simply sharing information—they also teach others. Helping people grasp complex knowledge, they become key figures.

Influence and lead. With their deep metacognitive knowledge, experienced learning workers are in the perfect position to influence how work is done. Knowing that they don't know, learning workers are open to input, making them great leaders.